What It Does

Stories connect our experiences, they tell others who we are ...

Movies can be much more than simply entertainment. Talking about movies is when the story comes alive on several levels. It’s the first step to relating it to our own stories, our own lives.

Talking Movies group discussions open up residents* to new experiences and a different way of seeing movies … and the world.

Movies use your whole brain.

When you listen to a story, your brain activates any area that you would use when experiencing the events you’re hearing about. If you hear a story about running, your motor cortex lights up.

When you watch a movie you’re also following contextual clues, sharing experiences, empathizing, and visualizing potential outcomes. When you tell someone about the story afterward, you become the story teller.

In short, you’re doing the thing that makes us feel most alive — sharing a story.

Stories enrich the whole person. 

Research shows that people are “hardwired” to respond to stories. We think in narratives all day long and tell ourselves short stories about every action and conversation.

Stories are how we make sense of the world and of our lives. Stories inspire new glimpses of future possibilities.

Most of all, stories build community and connection. When we share our experiences with others, we’re sharing ourselves.

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* For high functioning residents. This program is not suited for memory impaired residents.