How We Do It

Viewing and Researching

Before each group discussion, Julie watches the movie with your community in mind, noting themes and issues of particular interest.

She researches articles and reviews, investigating connections and insights. Background information and trivia are gathered about the film, stars, director, and writer.


All factors are considered when developing questions that will promote thought and discussion.

My Cousin Vinny, for example, may have a surprising number of topics arise for a simple comedy.

It has inspired discussion about legal procedures and the death penalty when the audience had a number of lawyers.

More general discussion produced stories about being stranded in unexpected circumstances, differences between North and South, difficult courtships, and vacation trips with families.

Flexibility and gentle guidance are key guidelines to facilitate a conversation where everyone is interested and has fun.

In addition to prepared notes, Julie always travels with an iPad to hunt down answers to unexpected questions.

Most discussions naturally taper off after an hour.

Fliers for the Next Movie

To generate interest for the next movie, "Coming Attraction" fliers are distributed at the end of each discussion. This is often when participants volunteer ideas for future films.

We also provide poster and flier PDFs for the next film so the Activities Director has maximum flexibility for promoting the next movie.

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