How It Works

Lively discussions that relate movies to our lives.

We select a movie for your residents* to view.

We use a mix of old and new films, tailored to your community, incorporating residents’ movie suggestions as much as possible.

Then we create posters and fliers to help you publicize the viewing. 

You show the film at the best time and venue for your community. (If you don't have an already established movie source, we will help work out details of getting the film for viewing.)

The next day we lead a lively group discussion where everyone is encouraged to participate. We bring lots of movie trivia, background story details, and point out big themes.

 We’re passionate about relating movies to life itself. This encourages the group to think about how movies relate to their own experiences.

The result? People share their insights and stories and connect with the group.

Participants gain richer lives.

A love of movies brings people into a fresh, stimulating group. New friendships and new interests are formed.

Pondering the movies before the discussion involves people in deeper thought than many other activities.

Find out more.

We’ve been Talking Movies for four years in Dallas. We can’t wait to start Talking Movies in your senior community.

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Julie Davis • 214-696-1553 •

* For high functioning residents. This program is not suited for memory impaired residents.