Welcome to Talking Movies

Talking Movies specializes in leading movie discussion for senior communities.

Our lively group discussions* include lots of movie trivia, background information, story themes, and thought-provoking questions.

Above all we emphasize relating movies to life itself. This encourages the group to think about how movies provide contrasts or insights to their own experiences.

Just a few of the benefits:

  • Movies become more interactive
  • Provides a new social circle
  • A great way to welcome new community members — participants often invite new neighbors as an icebreaker
  • Richer lives as insight and experiences are shared
  • Whole-brain activity as stories engage parts of your brain usually reserved for when you are experiencing events
  • Marketing tool to attract new residents

How It Works

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Not Just Your Average Movies

Praise for Talking Movies

Want to know more?
Call or email: Julie Davis • 214-696-1553 • julie@talking-movies.net

* For high functioning residents. This program is not suited for memory impaired residents.